Billing Systems

Various Industries: Billing Systems


Billing systems are more likely to require customized development than just about another application in a company. This is because billing is an “outward-facing” application that produces invoices and statements which are likely to be scrutinized by customers. Also, in many cases, the underlying source transactions come from a variety of sources and are not present in the accounting systems.

Our Solutions

We have developed custom billing applications for clients in industries as diverse as healthcare, financial services, catalog sales, technology licensing, software, and professional services.

The billing software typically makes use of customer and receivable data in the enterprise accounting system, but transactions and subscription are often in other applications or even imported from third parties or the web.

Sales Tax tables, going down to the zip code level, can be purchased by subscription and updated frequently. Shipping charges can be calculated using UPS-style zone and weight tables, or can be calculated based on actual miles between zip codes.

Once invoices are finalized, records are created in the accounts receivable and general ledger systems, as appropriate. Document images can be stored without scanning in a database, or in a document management system. They are emailed as PDF’s, transmitted electronically or selected documents can be printed and mailed.

Key Features

While requirements vary by company, customized billing applications created by D. Lawton Associates have included the following features:

  • Transaction import and aggregation.
  • Recurring contractual charges (subscriptions, rent, etc.).
  • Customer-specific pricing and discounts.
  • Calculation of taxes and shipping (based on location) and finance charges.
  • Credit and debit memo capability.
  • Interface to credit card companies, and to the enterprise A/R and GL systems.
  • Statements, using open line item detail or balance forward methods, and including balance due aging.
  • Invoice and statement reprint capability.
  • Multiple billing cycles.

Results for Our Clients

  • Improved cash flow, due to bills going out earlier and being more understandable.
  • Improved productivity, due to reduced time preparing invoices and statements and answering customer questions.
  • Improved image, due to more professional looking invoices and statements, and greater consistency across the organization’s multiple billing areas.