IT Strategy

Ideally, every current IT project is an integral part of your IT vision. Your IT vision should be driven by your business vision, and both should be documented to ensure that everyone in your organization knows where you’re going and can help you get there. We’re happy to participate in your planning process or, if you wish, to lead it.

Upon your request, David Kahn will work with you to ensure the long-term success of your IT efforts:

  • Join your key staff in your business planning meetings to explain both the potential and risks of your IT options.
  • Prepare an assessment of your current databases, applications and technical infrastructure.
  • Help you develop a long-term IT plan that reflects your long-term business plan.
  • Help you manage the pace and frequency of technology, infrastructure and applications upgrades.

We often recommend an annual high-level planning cycle (typically 3-5 days of work) and mid-year reviews to identify critical issues that need to be addressed.  You’ll be in control of identifying which IT strategy services you are interested in.

Avoid short-term thinking and costly IT mistakes. Use our IT Strategy services to keep your IT effort focused on what’s really important to you and your organization.

Every new application should be part of your long term IT vision.