Our Approach

The key to a successful development effort is the careful management of all aspects of the project, from staffing and budget to tasks and deliverables. We manage projects according to the schedule and budget developed with our clients. Unlike many computer consulting firms, all D. Lawton Associates staff members are skilled in project management. We are well versed in communicating with people in English rather than computerese.

For larger development projects, a DLA project manager is assigned to coordinate with our client and project development team. The DLA project manager provides a central point of communication between our client and developers, designs or oversees the design of the application and selects appropriate technologies in conjunction with the team of our developers and the client. The project manager, assigns tasks, coordinates deliverables, manages the budget and development schedule, coordinates testing, and manages the change list.

The benefits of skillful project management are immediately evident. D. Lawton Associates has successfully designed and implemented complex systems, routinely completed project deliverables on schedule, and regularly met our cost estimates on time & materials projects.

Project management at DLA has three important aspects:

  • Methodology — the development approach.
  • Project Life Cycle — the practices and procedures we follow during development.
  • Service and Support — we will continue to support you after a system has been developed and implemented. We will provide timely response to questions that arise, even five to ten years after an application has been delivered. Most requests for support and for minor enhancements are taken care of within 24 hours of the request.

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