Supported Software

Some of the software listed below is no longer supported/updated by its vendor.  We list it here since we are happy to maintain systems that use software with which we’ve had experience in the past.  Some of our developers have been in the industry for 20+ years so they have had exposure to many packages.

You can learn more below about tools in our Microsoft Partner program, Web Development, SQL Databases, Accounting Packages, CRM Software, Spreadsheet/DBMS, and ERP/ECM.

Microsoft Partner Products

D. Lawton Associates is a Certified Microsoft Partner.  This requires a yearly submission of products we develop using Microsoft tools.  The main Microsoft tools we use are:

  • SQL Server & SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). SQL Server and its companion product SQL Server Reporting Services provides a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help you create, deploy, and manage reports for your organization, as well as programming features that enable you to extend and customize your reporting functionality.  We’ve developed reports using SSRS for many clients, and have experience in versions from 2005 to 2012.
  • SharePoint.  SharePoint is answering a need for user configurable web portals and web access to data through customized reporting. It is an essential and very cost effective tool for us to provide information to our clients via the web in ways that empower their users. We have experience installing, configuring, integrating SharePoint and SharePoint data with the rest of your business enterprise.

Web Development

  • Java
  • Ajax
  • .NET
  • jQuery
  • Drupal
  • GoogleApps
  • Cold Fusion

SQL Databases

Databases are the common theme in every solution we provide. We have been working with SQL since the mid 1980’s. Every one of our associates has their own unique database expertise. Whether you are looking for assistance with administration, design, programming, integration, or performance and tuning, we have the team of experts to help you with your database needs.

Our database design philosophy starts with flexibility. Our designs anticipate the need for change and growth. We will make sure your data is quickly and easily accessed and easily maintained.

One of the most enjoyable calls we make are for business who are not getting the performance they need from their databases. It is a real pleasure to analyze a database, optimize it for performance and take a client from frustration with their database to amazement and relief. Even better is that tuning a database effects every employee in the business. Let D. Lawton Associates do that for you!

The most common SQL databases are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

We also support are DB2, PostgreSQL, Interbase (Firebird), and Sybase.

Accounting Packages

We will make sure you have immediate access to the critical information that gives you ability to make key competitive decisions. We have a CPA on staff who will work with you to ensure that you have the right software as well as the analysts and programmers to make it all happen.

CRM Software

CRM can be a nightmare until your business has the software that is right for your company. We can integrate CRM software with other off-the-shelf and custom applications, or when necessary, we build a custom solution from scratch.

Spreadsheets and Database Management Software

Spreadsheets and database management software (DBMS) provide accessible paths to easily manage simple data. Unfortunately simple data tends to become complex data. Helping businesses manage spreadsheet and DBMS data is one of our most common requests. Whether optimizing the design for the existing package or up-sizing it to a SQL database, we have the experience and to give you access to your data with a cost effective solution that will optimize your business operations and ability to make informed decisions.

  • Access
  • Excel
  • XML
  • Delphi
  • FoxPro/Visual FoxPro
  • Paradox

ERP/ECM Software

  • ImageSilo and PaperVision, Enterprise Content Management system (Digitech Systems)
  • Epicor Eclipse, Distribution ERP Solution