Our Expertise

We at D. Lawton Associates are business people. Our collective experience includes the management of small companies and large data processing departments, general business consulting and specialized project management, and problem solving in marketing, finance, operations and research. We are Engineers, Computer Scientists and Management Scientists, holding various graduate degrees including MBAs and a CPA. We have both implemented change and survived change in business expansions and contractions.

We have focused and can help you focus on improvement in business processes. DLA clients have benefited from the following services:

  • Situation Assessment
    What is happening at your company and why? How fast are you processing orders or performing accounting closings? Where are your biggest potential improvements? How much money can you save and what would it take to achieve those savings? We have the expertise to bring you data in the way that gives your business the intuitive screens, reports and information flow that optimize productivity for you and your employees. D. Lawton Associates is able to provide an independent on-target evaluation.
  • Technology Planning and Implementation
    Where will your business be in the next few years? What internal systems and external web applications will you need? How much will they cost and how fast can it all happen? D. Lawton Associates can help you plan.
  • Project Management
    What needs to happen next and who needs to do it? Is your project on schedule and on budget? If not, what can be done to get it back on track? D. Lawton Associates can help coordinate and control special projects, especially in confusing multi-vendor situations.
  • Data Analysis
    Too much data and not enough answers? D. Lawton Associates can connect to your databases and perform special one-time analysis, reporting, or data conversion.

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