Data Consolidation & Data Warehouse

Data Consolidation

Is your data in too many places to be useful anymore?

If you have data in spreadsheets or out-of-date databases or multiple databases that don’t talk to each other, then chances are that you are spending large amounts of time massaging data before you can print your reports. You, or your staff, are doing the work your computer should be doing. This is one of the most common complaints new clients have about their computer situation.

We can put your data into one seamless solution. During our initial meetings with you, we will determine whether your solution will be a web application or a client application installed on your desktop. In the end, you will have all you need for your users to share data efficiently and produce reports that increase the effectiveness of your business, and result in a better bottom line.

Data Warehouse

Data warehouses are repositories of enterprise data built principally to facilitate reporting. You should consider a data warehouse if you want to:

  • Do reporting or data mining without slowing down operational systems.
  • Secure reporting data differently than transactional systems.
  • Clean or massage data before reporting against it.
  • Simplify report creation by providing logical data views or pre-processed analyses
  • Report across multiple applications, or across combined data from old and new systems.
  • Have a central data hub which applications can use to exchange reference and historical information

D. Lawton Associates have helped several customers cost-effectively design, implement, maintain and use data warehouses, and we can help you. We have experience with Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Processes, and with several approaches to implementing person-by-person row-by-row security over data. We have experience with a variety of reporting tools commonly used in data warehouses.

Call on us to schedule a free consultation where we will talk with you about all the ways you are tracking and storing your data.

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