Managing raw materials, parts and finished goods inventories is critical to following Just-In-Time (JIT) practices that keep your customers happy and your expenses down. We provide our manufacturing and distribution clients with accurate views of on-hand inventory to minimize costly delays. If you need a comprehensive solution, we can help you select a full accounting and finance package and then add custom features that will optimize it for your business. If existing software does not fit your companies needs, we have years of experience designing and building custom solutions. The point is, we will give you what you need at the lowest cost possible.

From Purchase Orders to Bills of Materials to Shipping Tickets, we will create the system your company needs to retain existing customers and win new ones.

Our experience includes the following:

  • Installation and customization of full-scale inventory and accounting management software.
  • Designing and building completely custom inventory and distribution systems.
  • Bar code and optical character recognition (OCR) labeling for automated tracking.
  • Sending EDI files to trucking companies.
  • Automated emails to inform customers of shipped or back-ordered items.
  • Immediate pricing of trucking costs.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Inventory accounting management for all phases of manufacturing including raw materials, parts & finished goods.

We can help with your manufacturing and distribution needs with a custom software solution or assist you with evaluating off-the-shelf software packages.

Want to see an example?

Our case study details the custom enterprise solution we built for SunSetter Products.