SunSetter Products


SunSetter Products is a direct marketing manufacturing company. Their dynamic business model required a custom enterprise application that is both robust and easy to maintain due to frequent changes to their marketing plan.

Our Solution

A custom desktop application using SQL Server was built to meet SunSetter’s needs. This enterprise application includes the following modules: Sales, Customer Service, Shipping, Inventory, and Accounting. The Sales and Customer Service modules are only available to off-site call centers, while all modules are available to the corporate office.

Key Features

  • Bills of material and inventory are tracked by the application.
  • Orders are placed by phone, on the web, and through EDI from BJ’s, Costco, and Home Depot
  • Application creates pick tickets, drop ship orders, and shipping consignments.
  • Secure encrypted credit card processing handles payment plans and one-time payments.
  • Application tracks all customer service interactions and manages accounts receivable.
  • Custom reports available for Accounting, Sales and Marketing Analysis.

Results for SunSetter

  • Real time inventory tracking.
  • Custom order entry forms promote special discounts and giveaways.
  • Shipping information automatically sent to trucking company for on-line tracking.
  • Automated accounting procedures handle invoicing and payment processing.
  • An IT partner they continue to rely upon to support and enhance their system.