Project Management

Your project can be completed on schedule and within budget, but it doesn’t happen by chance. It requires a realistic plan, monitoring to identify issues and problems as soon as they occur, consistent attention to proposed changes in project functionality, scope and staffing, and a creative flexible approach to keeping things on track.

Effective project management typically requires labor hours between 15% and 20% of the work being managed. Do you have someone on staff with both the time and experience needed to effectively manage your project? We can help you manage the project or we can manage it for you.

A well-managed project will require:

  • Project Planning. Determine project phasing, tasks, assignments, schedule and fallback strategy which makes effective use of resources while minimizing risks and providing for early identification of issues.
  • Project Team Oversight. Assemble the project team, ensuring that the necessary skills and perspectives are represented. Make sure that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Maintain short-term action lists and follow up as needed.
  • Issue/Risk Management. Identify, record, and recommend approaches and resolutions for project issues and risks.
  • Status Tracking/Reporting. Monitor and report on project costs and milestones, forecast trends, and recommend actions in response to identified situations. These actions may include revised features or budget or schedule.
  • Meeting Management. Facilitate communications and maintain momentum by ensuring that regular team meetings are productive.
  • Change Request Management. Identify potential feature and scope changes, estimate project impact of each change, and determine if and when changes will be made.

Project management is all about process, and it is unfortunately the weak link in many IT efforts. We have a proven process that can help you transform your requirements into the necessary actions for a successful IT project.