Higher Education

D. Lawton Associates has worked in both higher education and K to 12 education on a wide variety of projects. Education like many other industries is facing budget constraints and showing how your dollars are budgeted or how your students are succeeding at low cost is more important than ever.

Specifically, we have done significant work in the following areas:

  • Budget and Financial Applications. Our consultants are well versed on accounting and budgeting practices and how they are different for each university. Approval processes and tighter budgets make an efficient system invaluable. Call us if you would like to discuss how we can move you from a legacy application or spreadsheets into a web application that can be shared by your users.
  • Technology Licensing. Keeping efficient track of your licenses and agreements can be a complex job. Let DLA help you implement an application that can not only produce the financial reports you need, but to also manage tracking, regulatory compliance, licensing, billing, profit measurement, and royalty distribution.
  • Student Performance. We have extensive experience in evaluating student data to determine links between teachers, students, class size and any other evaluation indicator that you can identify.

Want to see an example?

Read about Forrester, the custom solution we built for MIT’s Technology Licensing Office, the web-based budget application we developed for Harvard Kennedy School, or the cube-based financial reporting we built for a University Finance Office.