1. Clients
Service comes first. Communication and teamwork begin with listening. Clients’ best interests are our best interests. We desire continuing relationships, and we strive to be worthy of them.

2. Professionalism
We are proud of our product, and the way we deliver it. We are proud of our skills, and we invest in keeping them current.

3. Business Focus
We solve customer problems, not computer problems. Business solutions always involve more than just hardware and software. Business solutions must make economic sense.

4. Can Do
Nothing is impossible. No job is too large or too small or unworthy of our talents, if it needs doing.

5. Technology
We will install no technology before its time. When clients need new power and capabilities, we will recommend leading-edge state of the art solutions, if the risks and costs are acceptable. For many purposes, old technologies still work best and unbroken things are best unfixed.

6. Perspective
Subject only to the above, have fun. Life is too short.