Client Support

Exceptional Service without Exception.

We place a significant emphasis on service and support. We maintain our systems long after they are developed and implemented. We continue to provide timely response to issues that arise for as long as you use the application. This commitment to support has brought us many clients who need support on systems we did not implement.

Our turnover rate is extremely low. This means we develop a history of experience supporting your software that is rarely matched by in-house computer staff. When you hire D. Lawton Associates to support your systems, you not only get a dedicated team of consultants with willing to embrace legacy software, you also get the benefit of our becoming a valuable repository of knowledge concerning the history and features of your applications. Even if your systems are no longer state-of-the-art, we will maintain them until the time that it makes sense to upgrade.

We are available on short notice to respond to an emergency situation. If we aren’t in the office, you are encouraged to leave day and evening numbers. We are always pleased to schedule installation and maintenance activities before or after regular business hours, to minimize the impact on your operations.

We realize our clients rely on us for each of the above support services.  We are available to assist you, whenever you need us, in the following ways:

  • Phone/Email.  If you have a question for us, just give us a call or email.  We do suggest that you designate one person to be your regular interface into our support team.  If you are having an emergency, please call our cell numbers and send an email to ensure fast support.
  • Remote.  We use software such as Remote Desktop, secure VPN and Webex to connect our office to yours.  With your oversight we can see what you are seeing and discuss options.  If we make minor changes, we can (with your approval) deploy them directly from our offices.
  • Onsite.  If you need us there, we’ll be there.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we’re on your premises whenever you want us.  Some complex issues are best discussed in person, and sometimes you just need us there for your peace of mind.

If you need to obtain phone or email for your Client Manager, please visit our Contact Us page or email

Support Services after Deployment

To get the most life out of your system, it can be significantly extended with ongoing maintenance.  Our support services after deployment include:

  • Ongoing software maintenance and bug fixes.  During the course of a year, we frequently get minor requests that are easy to respond to.  Whatever your need, we’ll take care of it promptly.
  • We’re happy to implement any enhancements you require.  Most of our clients maintain a ‘wish list’, with suggestions and ideas from current users.  Each year, they allocate a portion of their budget to these enhancements, and select those with the highest priority for development.
  • Sometimes, you need support which isn’t directly related to the application itself.  Maybe you printed a report, and the numbers don’t seem right.  If you need help digging into the data to explain what you are seeing, we can help you.