Our Clients

Since 1986, D. Lawton Associates has provided services to over 200 clients in the greater Boston area. We are privileged to have ongoing relationships with some of the major universities and financial institutions in the area. Our client roster includes non-profit organizations, manufacturers, and service industry firms.

Our clients vary in size and industry. For our smaller clients, we may act as a full-service IT department, recommending, installing, and supporting network and desktop hardware and software, including lifecycle planning and systems migration. For medium sized businesses and corporate departments, we can coordinate specialized services with internal staff. Large organizations hire us to plan and implement large multi-developer applications, where our specialized talents and accelerated development schedule make us an effective alternative to an internal IT department.

We focus on leveraging our business knowledge and technical expertise to provide effective, efficient solutions, no matter what the size or industry of your business.

Select Client List

  • Boston Medical Center (BMC), Hospital.  Developed a suite of custom reports including a user-friendly front-end, integrated with their central (Lawson) accounting system.
  • Brookings Institution, Nonprofit Public Policy Organization.  Developed a Web-based application to support the annual budget cycle and quarterly forecasts, including budget calculations, submission, approval, reporting and integration with PeopleSoft actuals data.
  • Energy Federation, Inc. (EFI), Nonprofit Energy Organization.  Developed systems to process rebates, using paperless workflow and reporting for clients on rebates processed, returned.  Utilized Salesforce.com as Cloud-based storage solution and development tool.
  • Harvard University, Research University. Developed a Web-based application to support the annual budget cycle, including budget calculations, submission, approval and reporting.
  • MIT, Research University.  Developed a custom application to manage the portfolio of intellectual property created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including email integration.
  • Public Consulting Group, Education Services.  Formerly the Center for Resource Management, developed a custom system  to perform analysis of performance-related data for public schools, with user-defined reports, user-defined data and user-defined import from existing school systems.
  • Profile Inspection Services, Home Inspection.  Developed a custom case management system to track property inspections which are in progress and complete, with Web integration.
  • Red Lion ControlsManufacturer.  Developed a data warehouse and associated web-based reports and dashboards which consolidate detail sales and operational data across multiple divisions and financial systems.
  • State of New York, State Government.  Developed a custom application for the Office of State Comptroller to print claim forms, letters and affidavits for claimants of abandoned property, including bar codes for for subsequent scanning.
  • State Street Bank, Financial Services.  Developed an application to manage pooled endowment trusts with faxed reports to clients.
  • SunSetter Products, Direct/Internet Marketer.  Customization and support of an order processing system used by customer service representatives, integrated with central accounting system.

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