Situation Assessment

At D. Lawton Associates we recognize that there is far more to making the best computer system than simply deploying technology. Our staff experience hails from a variety of backgrounds that include MBAs, CPAs and Methods and Procedures Analysts. Thanks to this expertise, we understand that all good computer systems design starts by focusing on streamlining your business.

Adding technology is the perfect time to look at your business and make it more efficient. We will work with you to learn the business issues you want solved. Armed with your knowledge and our experience, we then design a solution that solves the issues you ask us to solve as well as other areas discovered during our analysis. The result is that your new technology will bring enhancements that a simple technology design would never address.

Whether you want help with organizing your company’s technology or have a specific application in mind, we have the expertise to make technology work for your business.

In addition to an array of business and design expertise, we also have years of experience in a variety of industries.