Custom Software and Websites

Design, Develop and QA software that meets your unique requirements.

The design and implementation of custom applications is the core of our work. A custom application is a comprehensive software solution to a business need, identified by you and implemented by you and our developers, working as a team to make sure the solution addresses the unique requirements of your business. It may be an accounting system that has the reporting flexibility or the invoicing schedule that you need to run your business effectively. It may be a Web/Internet-based system for collecting information from your employees in the field.

The Internet and evolution of mobile devices has revolutionized the way business is done.  Technology has continued to evolve at a rapid pace and requires technology companies to be partners, not just vendors.  Our philosophy embraces this requirement.  From simple Internet connectivity, to feature-rich sophisticated web applications, we work with you to develop successful solutions.

A custom application can often be the most cost effective way to reach a solution. Are you spending a great deal of time and effort in trying to shoehorn your needs into a standard off-the-shelf product, or if you find your staff re-entering data into several non-integrated systems?

D. Lawton Associates’ long-term experience in custom development keeps costs down in two important ways:

  • Our staff have significant business experience as well as expertise in software development. Understanding your business is the key to a successful and cost-effective custom solution.
  • Our years of work in custom application development have produced a significant number of project management and development techniques that can be re-used.

An effective solution starts with careful planning and finishes with comprehensive testing and training. Even after your custom system is complete and in daily use, we are a phone call away for questions or ideas for more features.

Please read more in our Your DLA Development Project brochure.

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