MPM Capital CRM Integration


MPM Capital needed assistance in their IT department to fully integrate the Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with the many customized add-ins. These additions required systems professionals with inter-disciplinary skills and knowledge. MPM Capital turned to D. Lawton Associates to assist them with the Email Manager and systems integration with BlackBerry™. This successful cooperation has lead MPM Capital to rely on D. Lawton Associates for their “impossible” tasks.

Key Tasks

  • Developed utilities to recover and redirect email messages.
  • Customized central database to automate business tasks.
  • Integrated RIM BlackBerry™ with Business Intelligence reporting.
  • Acted as liaison between key product vendors.
  • Optimized business data warehouse for maximum performance.

Results for MPM Capital

  • They are no longer losing business due to missed messages.
  • Agents can view client email on BlackBerry™.
  • Faster delivery of services to business agents.
  • Faster resolution of custom add-in flaws.
  • Greater and reliable database performance.