Profile Inspection Services

Inspectors Program


Profile Inspection Services provides on-site inspections for property and casualty insurance underwriters. Profile required a unique application to track and manage property inspections. Also they needed to provide the inspectors with the tools to perform property inspections and a way for the inspectors to submit their data back to the office.

Our Solution

DLA created a main application for internal use where inspection requests are entered and delivered to inspectors. The inspectors use a mobile version of the program allowing them to enter their inspection data into pre-populated forms making for much faster and more accurate data entry. Once inspections are complete, inspectors connect to the web and upload their new data that is resolved on a central server. The main and satellite programs share a common code base reducing the cost of both original development and new enhancements.

Key Features

  • Automated delivery and retrieval of inspection requests to and from inspectors in remote locations.
  • Inspection delivered to inspector notebooks so that internet connectivity is not required during an inspection (distributed database).
  • Data updates to the inspectors’ notebooks lets inspectors know what inspections are on their dockets and pre-populate their forms for much faster data entry during inspections.
  • Web application to allow new inspections to be ordered and reviewed by underwriters from any computer connected to the internet.
  • Deliver final inspection reports to underwriters via web services.


  • Simplified review process allows faster delivery back to underwriters.
  • Greater customer satisfaction and more business.
  • Paperless billing process where invoices are emailed to underwriters.
  • Automated delivery of final inspection reports, complete with photos and diagrams remotely accessible by underwriters anywhere in the world.