Budget Administration Utility

The Budget Administration Utility compliments the web-based budget tool by allowing users to perform system functions related to budget processing.  The utility offers our clients:

  • Adding, editing and deleting users and their rights by Budget Group and Department.
  • Access to selected database tables for analysis queries.
  • Set up of new budget years.
  • Processing of nightly imports, either server-side scheduled or on-demand. Various options can be selected to import account, actuals and salary data.
  • Setting what groups/users can see FTE by employee.
  • Preparing an aggregate budget for high-level reporting across all budget groups and departments.
  • Set up rules for use in the calculation engine that automatically update budgets with G&A, Facilities, Benefits, IT, and other chargebacks.
  • Process prior year budgets to set up data entry for the following year.  Can be implemented as zero-based budgeting or baseline budgeting.
  • Optional Faculty budgeting module to allow entry of % time, % year, % allocation to each department.  Based on reports, the module calculates variance between budgeted and actual FTE.

If you are interested in learning more about the our work in University Budget Administration, please read our case studies about Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government custom budget system and financial reporting solutions.