System Integration

We at DLA enjoy combining the data from disparate systems to allow you to see your financials, marketing data, and other reports in one place. From imports to XML data transfers, we can create databases that house all the information you need to do your job and this data can be updated on demand, daily or even hourly.   Ever wished you had a dashboard that combined your manufacturing and sales data?  How much product do you have on hand and how many orders have been placed?  If you are a hospital, how about combining your metrics and analyses to see how you are doing against billing data?  If you don’t have those metrics yet, we can also help you create them.

Once you have data from more than one system in one place for analysis you will wonder how you ever did business without this before.  Our clients rave about the information and we hear over and over again how essential their solution becomes.

If you would like to learn more, please read our case study about Harvard’s Budget System or MEEI’s Data Warehouse.